Hi, I’m Augustin Hiebel,

a versatile product designer with experience across the full spectrum of growth.

I work with great companies

Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEFG-LootChopardStrydaAdidasUnited Nations Economic Commission for EuropeJaguar Land RoverMédecins Sans FrontièresBTSAxa insurance

turning ideas into digital experiences

  • I use various methods including usability testing, user interviews, heatmaps, and surveys to understand user journeys and identify issues. I use tools such as Looker and Amplitude to analyze quantitative data and develop actionable insights for product improvements and growth strategies.

  • I design intuitive and useful products by combining established design practices with innovative solutions. Through user feedback and collaboration with colleagues, I create holistic interfaces that address user needs and business objectives.

  • I enhance interfaces with elements of novelty and engagement to make digital products effective brand representations. I use custom illustrations, micro-animations, seamless transitions, and gamification elements to create memorable user experiences.

  • While I use Figma to explore design solutions and define the aesthetic and functional attributes of a product, I believe in developing functional prototypes that are as close to reality as possible, allowing options to be tested in real environments and iterated upon at a fast pace.

  • I create comprehensive design systems that ensure consistency across products. This involves establishing design principles, developing component libraries, and setting standardized guidelines. These systems help organizations deliver consistent experiences efficiently across their product range.

  • I apply my experience in growth strategies to design features and interfaces that impact user acquisition, activation, retention, and revenue. I employ data-driven techniques to optimize conversions and create engaging user journeys that support long-term growth.



Here’s a peek at some other projects I have had the joy of working on.